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Letter From The Administrator

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Outdoor shot of Arden Place


While each season brings its own charm, Fall, simply rises above the rest. It brings the wonders of a world changing from Summer to Winter and some of our favorite celebrations. Halloween, beloved by all, bringing back childhood memories of dressing up in your favorite costume, ending your night with a sack full of sweets. Of course, Thanksgiving is even more filled with joy, made up of time with family and full bellies. Between the Macy’s Day Parade and the local football game, Thanksgiving could easily take the cake as our favorite autumn celebration.

Regardless if it’s October or November, once the leaves start to change, the whole community feels a shift too. There tends to be increased spirits, a desire to be outside in the crisp air, and a hankering for some time spent near a warm hearth. Whether our drink of choice is tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fall always brings much-welcomed cold fronts that allow us to enjoy our favorite warm beverages to their fullest potential.

The Autumn season often brings about the realization that the year is almost over. With 2021’s track record so far, I’m sure that’s a welcome thought for most. Naturally, this tends to lead to a time of reflection. What would it look like if we each paused after such an unprecedent year and asked:

“How am I holding up after such a difficult season?” “Where have I grown the most this year?” “How has my outlook on people changed?” “How can I improve to be a better version of myself?”

The Arden Place Community is embracing Fall this year with open arms and an open mind. May this season, full of change and celebration, be just that – a time where we can come together as a community to celebrate life and give gratitude for all we’ve been given. If you or your loved one is already a part of the Arden Place community, then you will have seen the many changes throughout our facility thanks to our amazing residents and care team.

In summarization, “Happy Fall, Y’all! God Bless”