Wound Care
Our wound care program is based on a comprehensive approach that allows for the healing and prevention of various wounds and skin conditions. Our mission is to help our patients heal and regain function to return home as quickly as their recovery allows.  

Our wound care team is composed of:  

  • Board Certified Wound Care Physician 
  • Certified Treatment Nurses 
  • Onsite Registered Dietician 
  • IV/Vitamin Therapy Team 
  • Physical Therapists 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Attending Physician 
  • Licensed & Registered Nurses

Our wound care experts are highly trained to care for and treat chronic and acute complex wounds, including:  

  • Pressure ulcers  
  • Diabetic/neuropathic wounds  
  • Venous and arterial ulcers  
  • Post-surgical sounds  
  • Amputations  
  • Post-traumatic wounds  
  • Drains, graphs, and flaps  
  • IV antibiotics  
  • Wound vacs